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Project Description

UV-Vis-IR Examination Systems

Using the new Crime-lite Cam attachment, it is now possible to search beyond the visible spectrum to detect previously unseen evidence including body fluids, blood stains, gunshot residues, scuffs and tool marks etc.

Crime Scene Investigation

A fully portable and incredibly powerful CSI search tool

While a skilled investigator can learn a great deal through the visible examination of a crime scene, a great deal of evidence may remain unseen, hidden, or masked by the background.

Crime-lite® Beyond Visible is a unique range of products designed to search for evidence in the UV and IR wavebands – beyond the limits of human vision – in order to detect the presence of blood and other body fluids, and to reveal fingerprints while greatly suppressing backgrounds.

Laboratory Examination

Choose from a range of IR/UV light sources suitable for laboratory applications.

The new Crime-lite UV/IR crime scene search kit provides investigators with a powerful search tool for the detection of blood, fingerprints, body fluids and other forensic evidence on difficult backgrounds that may be difficult to see in the visible.

The Crime-lite UV/IR is a battery powered, portable system that uses reflected ultraviolet and near infrared light, imaged with a UV-IR sensitive camera, to detect evidence that cannot be seen in normal visible light.