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Project Description


Compact and configurable, cost-effective and best multi-value performance

  • Superior imaging performance and penetration
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Available in three conveyor lengths
  • Dual-energy material discrimination
  • Multi-language support

The ST Pro 6.4-MV is the entry control point screening solution for correctional facilities, courthouses, municipal buildings, hotels, and other critical infrastructure.

Designed to screen small and medium-sized objects such as briefcases, backpacks, parcels and packages, the durable ST Pro 6.4-MV provides a combination of small size and low weight, operational flexibility and best value performance.

Dual view allows screeners to see the contents from two sides at one pass. It gives users a clearer and faster image to help them find threats and/or contraband.

The ProScan platform is an evolution from the widely-deployed ST series of conventional X-ray lines, updated to meet customers needs, using the latest technologies.

By continuing to invest in detection software, provides customers with a path to defend against an ever broader range of emerging threats.