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Project Description

Reveal Indented Writing

The ESDA process was originally discovered by Foster + Freeman more than 35 years ago and resulted in the founding of the company.

Used by police forces and document examiners worldwide, ESDA instruments remain the systems of choice for the chemical-free and completely non-destructive detection of indented writing.


The leading electrostatic imaging system for detecting indented writing

ESDA® works by creating an electrostatic image of indented writing, which is then visualized by the application of charge sensitive toners. The sensitive imaging process reacts to sites of microscopic damages to fibers at the surface of a document, which have been created by abrasive interaction with overlying surfaces during the act of handwriting.


The portable electrostatic imaging system for detecting indented writing

Designed for traveling, the ESDA-lite is ideal for the private document examiner commissioned to work away from the laboratory and is supplied complete with accessories in a robust, padded carrying case that’s suitable for air travel.

As with full-sized counterpart, the ESDA-lite is simple to operate and capable of producing life-size transparencies of indented writing without damage or contamination to the original document and without interference to other forensic tests, the documents may be processed repeatedly without loss of sensitivity