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Project Description

Novel Fingerprint Enhancement Techniques

Foster + Freeman’s continued research and development in the field of fingerprint evidence has resulted in new techniques for the enhancement of latent prints on difficult surfaces.

Crime-lite ASV

Anti-stokes laser viewing enclosure for the examination of fingerprints

The Crime-lite ASV is a bench-top viewing enclosure for the stimulation of infrared activated anti-Stokes fingerprint dusting powders.

Anti-Stokes powders absorb invisible infrared radiation and re-emit the energy at visible wavelengths, a process that is the reverse of standard fluorescence.

Excellent results can be obtained with fingerprints on ‘busy’ multicolored backgrounds and on backgrounds which fluoresce at similar wavelengths to standard fingerprint treatments.


Thermal fingerprint developer

Designed and manufactured by Foster + Freeman, the TFD-2 marks a breakthrough in the detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints using non-destructive thermal development.

The first of its kind, the TFD-2 is an automated, high-throughput device capable of developing fingerprints on large quantities of documents, dramatically reducing examination time and manpower requirements.

The simple process of heating a document to an optimum temperature induces a chemical reaction between the latent fingerprint and the paper to produce a fluorescent by-product that is visible under intense blue or blue/green illumination when viewed through an appropriate filter.

Controls maintain the optimum heating temperature and carriage speed to ensure that documents are undamaged. Developed fingerprints remain visible for more than 2 years.