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Project Description

Media preparation

The NEW Biotool Swiss ProfiClave PC20 is a fully automated bench top Media Preparator designed for the rapid processing of up to 16L of sterile culture media, equipped with a central lock for the pressure chamber. It closes simultaneously 6 safety clamps.

Intuitive software, accessible via a touch screen, gives access to 20 programmes with options for single or double heating cycles, autoclave mode or heating mode. The time-delay and temperature timer functions enable agar pouring to commence at start of work and, coupled with a fast cool down function, provides increased productivity and convenience.

The front panel houses all user control functions and parameter printout. The unit comes complete with a stainless steel cuvette, built in pressure pump to prevent flash boiling, high strength magnetic stirrer, sterile filter for pressurisation and easy vessel access, so no bolts or tools are necessary.

The unique pressure correction adjusts the boiling point relative to ambient pressure and optimizes deaeration.