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Project Description

Handheld Forensic Light Sources

A forensic examiner’s most valuable tool, our range of handheld Crime-lites are used at crime scenes and in forensic laboratories worldwide to reveal evidence that cannot be detected using other light sources.

Crime-lite  82L

A unique light source providing low angle surface illumination 16 high-intensity white LEDs mounted behind a cylindrical lens give a wide floor level light beam that is ideal for detecting surface debris and shoe prints.

A concept developed by Foster + Freeman, the Crime-lite 82L produces a ‘sheet’ of variable intensity (10%, 50%, 100%) white light to reveal floor level evidence and is supplied with blue, green and red clip-on filters to enhance contrast on colored backgrounds.

Crime-lite  82S

Powerful alternate light sources for crime scene and laboratory

Where serious crime demands intensive crime scene investigation, the Crime-lite 82S range offers levels of illumination and ease of use that will almost certainly increase the quantity and value of evidence detected.

Each Crime-lite 82S features 16 LEDs hand-picked for brightness and wavelength accuracy, ensuring consistent performance and effectiveness. Viewing goggles and camera filters supplied with the 82S range feature anti-glare coatings unique to Foster + Freeman. These improve effectiveness by suppressing auto-fluorescence from the basic filters.

The range includes UV, Violet, Blue, Blue/Green, Green, Orange, Red and Infrared narrow bandwidth illumination for detecting blood, body fluids, drugs, and fibers as well as for examining chemically treated fingerprints.

Crime-lite 82S kits are supplied with a complete range of accessories including anti-glare viewing goggles and camera lens filters designed to provide maximum optical performance when used alongside high power light sources.

Crime-lite  2

A range of lightweight single led light sources

A range of lightweight LED forensic light sources effective at short range providing intense, even and shadow free illumination for locating and examining evidence.

The range includes a white light model for general search and eight narrow band light sources with wavelengths in UV, violet, blue, blue-green, green, orange, and red for detecting fluorescent stains.

With thousands of units in active use by crime scene and forensic investigators worldwide the Crime-lite 2 has proven effectiveness and reliability.

Crime-lite 2 light sources are available individually or in sets with viewing goggles or spectacles.

Crime-lite  42S

A range of dual-wavelength led light sources for crime scene and laboratory applications

The first high intensity dual-color forensic Crime-lite for crime scene and laboratory applications.

The Crime-lite 42S, switchable between two arrays of 8 high-intensity LEDs provides the forensic examiner with three illumination outputs in a single alternate light source.

Using a simple 3-way control the examiner is able to alternate between two narrowband wavelengths or to use all 16 LEDs in combination to provide high-intensity wideband illumination. The ability to detect evidence under a selection of wavebands from a single source increased the chances of locating evidence and allows forensic investigators to reduce search times.

Crime-lite  XL

The worlds most powerful handheld led forensic light source 96 high power LEDs providing 115 Watts of narrowband illumination.

Fully portable and robust, the XL has been optimized for wide area examination of crime scenes and emulates the power density and effectiveness of a forensic laser at a fraction of the cost.

The range offers units with blue, blue-green, green and orange wavelengths effective in detecting trace evidence such as blood, body fluids, drugs, fibers, and explosive residues.