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Project Description

Forensic Laboratory Light Sources

In addition to handheld Crime-lites, Foster+Freeman manufactures two models multi-wavelength laboratory light source. While the Crime-lite 8×4 is ideal for the visualization and enhancement of fingerprints, the Crime-lite ML2 has applications including the detection of body fluids and ‘marking-up’ of evidence.

Crime-lite 8x4MK2

Multi-wavelength photographic ring light

The Crime-lite 8x4MK2 is designed to meet the varying demands of forensic photography enabling the operator to create the optimum illumination for all types of evidence and backgrounds, enhancing image contrast and definition.

The ring light features seven narrow bandwidth LED arrays, emitting light at peak wavelengths of 365, 410, 445, 475, 520, 590, and 640nm plus white. These may be selected individually or in multiple combinations to create 98 different colors, enabling the operator to tailor illumination to suit the evidence.

Crime-lite ML2

Bench top magnifier with multi-wavelength illumination

Infrared illumination module now available

The new Crime-lite ML2 forensic light source combines the versatility of multi-wavelength, high intensity LED illumination with wide area bi-ocular magnification. An ideal system for the examination and ‘marking up’ of large items of evidence in the laboratory.

The Crime-lite ML2 features 8 high intensity white LEDs for general search and a choice of up to 4 additional narrowband LEDs including: UV, Violet, Blue, Blue/Green, Green, Orange & Infrared – wavelengths that are effective in detecting body fluids, semen, bone and tooth fragments, fibres, drugs, explosives, accelerants and chemically treated evidence.

Optional accessories for the Crime-lite ML2 system include an IR sensitive camera and tablet PC with image capture software for the visualization and recording of evidence undergoing infrared examination.