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Project Description

Fingerprint Photography Workstations

Foster + Freeman fingerprint imaging workstations provide comprehensive facilities for the detection, capture, and enhancement of fingerprints on any surface or background to ensure that maximum detail is revealed.


DCS 5 is a comprehensive imaging system for the detection, capture, and enhancement of almost any type of fingerprint on any surface or background to ensure that maximum detail is revealed.

Not only does the DCS 5 high-resolution 36.3MP camera fitted with application-specific macro lenses produce images of exceptional quality, advanced digital enhancement, applied simply, maximises print detail to improve the value of evidence.

Precise wavebands of illumination from UV through the visible to IR are provided to improve the visualisation of every type of fingerprint whether it be latent, contaminated or chemically treated.

Crime-lite Imager

Semi-automated latent fingerprint capture and enhancement system

The Crime-lite Imager, an evidence recording system, is designed to meet the varying demands of fingerprint photography by providing optimum illumination for all common treatments and background.

Combining advanced imaging and multi-wavelength illumination with simple to use software, the Crime-lite Imager enables operatives with varying degrees of photographic expertise to consistently produce high-quality results.

Using the Automatic Mode of operation, effective imaging and enhancement can be achieved by selecting a pre-set evidence type from the drop-down menu. The image of the evidence is automatically enhanced in several ways with results being displayed as thumbnails. The best results may be examined as full-screen images. In Advanced Mode the operator takes full manual control of the system selecting lighting and filters as well as applying image enhancement processes from the library of programmes.