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Project Description

Fingerprint Fuming Systems

Our latest and most advanced range of cyanoacrylate fuming systems designed and manufactured to guarantee reliable consistent performance.


An advanced range of cyanoacrylate (superglue) fingerprint fuming cabinets

The MVC/D range of fuming cabinets are the latest and most advanced range of systems for the development of latent fingerprints with cyanoacrylate monomer.

The cabinets can be operated in either manual or automatic mode and have been designed to accommodate both cyanoacrylate and PolyCyano UV, a new one-stage cyanoacrylate/fluorescent compound which treats the cyanoacrylate deposits on latent fingerprints with a fluorescent stain simultaneously eliminating the need for subsequent staining.

The updated MVC1000/D2 and MVC1000/XLcabinets also include a number of new features including internal LED illumination, for improved visualization of developed fingerprints, and redesigned glue heater and steamer units, both of which contribute to reduced fuming cycle times and greater levels of control throughout the fuming process.


Compact portable cyanoacrylate fingerprint fuming chamber

MVClite is a fully portable fingerprint fuming chamber for the safe and controlled development of latent fingerprints at the crime scene.

Mounted within a rugged weather-proof case, the MVClite retains all the features of a full sized fuming chamber and can be used for the development of latent fingerprints using both cyanoacrylate and PolyCyano UV, the cyanoacrylate/fluorescent stain that eliminates the need for subsequent chemical dyeing.

A fully automated system with safety interlocks and self-contained fume cleansing, the MVClite maintains a safe environment for the rapid visualization of fingerprints on evidence at the crime scene.


Crime scene cyanoacrylate fuming system

SUPERfume is a cyanoacrylate fuming system for developing latent fingerprints in situ at major scenes of crime. Designed to treat domestic rooms, offices, garages, and vehicles, the kit eliminates the need for dismantling fixtures and fittings and transporting items back to the laboratory for processing.

The kit is designed as individual components that are easily transported and deployed, comprising a humidifier, two cyanoacrylate evaporators with integral dispersing fans, and an activated carbon filter unit. The powerful 2.3kW humidifier can quickly generate the optimum 80%RH in most closed environments. After fuming, the filter system is activated to remove any residual cyanoacrylate vapor.

The complete kit, including warning signs, cyanoacrylate monomer, and cabling is supplied in three carrying cases.