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Project Description

Document Examination Workstations

For over 30 years Foster+Freeman VSC workstations have been recognized as the premier range of imaging systems for the forensic-level examination of questioned documents.


The VSC®8000 combines sophisticated digital imaging and multi-wavelength LED technology with a clear and efficient software interface, to provide a complete solution to the examination of all questioned documents.

The VSC8000 provides users with an array of techniques for examination and authentication of all types of document.

Infrared, hyper-spectral imaging and the systems integral spectrometer may all be used to detect the use of multiple inks on a document, and in many cases, establish the order in which different inks were added to a page.


An ideal instrument for the analysis and comparison of handwriting, signatures, photocopied and printed documents, banknotes, cheques and secure documents including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and breeder documents, the VSC80 provides a comprehensive suite of examination facilities within a compact yet powerful workstation.


A touchscreen VSC system with an internal processor

Advanced forensic-level technology, operated via a simplified touchscreen interface, the VSC80i provides a complete solution to the examination of secure travel and identity documents including passports, ID cards, visas, entry permits, and drivers licenses.

The VSC80i is operated via a new uncomplicated software interface that provides fast and intuitive access to all examination functions including illumination and filtering, camera controls, embedded data decoders, and digital image enhancement.

Designed to meet the demands of high-throughput locations such as airports and busy border control points, the VSC80i TouchScreen Interface is immediately accessible and requires little training to perform advanced ‘forensic-level’ examinations.

Portable Video Micro Spectrometer VSC80-PVMS

A plug-in accessory for the VSC80 document examination workstation, the Portable Video Microspectrometer (PVMS) enables the forensic document examiner to identify differences in ink and paper formulations through non-destructive spectral analysis.

Adding further functionality to the VSC80 workstation, this compact fibre-coupled spectrometer, with 3x zoom microscope, captures real-time absorption, reflectance, fluorescence and transmitted spectra to be displayed on-screen in a simple graphical format. An ideal technique for the discrimination of visually similar inks, including ball point and liquid ink pens, microspectrometry has also been demonstrated to be an effective in the study of the sequence of intersecting lines (Biao Li, 2016).

Magnetic Security Feature Imager VSC-Magnetic SFI2

Compact USB device for the examination and advanced verification of magnetic security features on banknotes and other secure documents.

MSFI-2 is a high-quality device for the visualisation of the hard and soft magnetic inks that are commonly used in the printing of secure documents including banknotes and cheques. Manufactured from high quality components the MSFI-2 includes a detachable magnetic excitation system, tuneable cross polarizer for contrast adjustment, integral illumination source, and a single USB port for connection to a VSC workstation.