Seminar about laboratory furniture

For the first time in our history we organized seminar about laboratory furniture. It was attended by 61 guests. Our team specialists – Vadim Shakel, Maris Zvaigzne and Santa Lagdzina spoke about features in the planning of laboratory, mistakes and standards, showed difference between EN 14175-3 certified fume cupboard and simple one. During the seminar worktop material test with reagents was done. A lot of time was given for the safety in the laboratory. Also chemistry, physics and biology teachers were taught how to plan school laboratories. At the end Asecos Gmbh Representative Mr. Dominik Reuter spoke about fire resistant storage for reagents and showed presentations about right and wrong reagent storages. We hope, that this seminar will help to lab managers to plan labs better, choose material and furniture suppliers and do not forget about safe work environment.